Monday, September 23, 2013

Haunted By My Past

Felix was a wonderful guy; he was one of those guys that could be described as too good to be true. He was caring, understanding, gentle and loving. Because of his loving and emotional nature, he tried not to fall in love too often in order to avoid getting get hurt.
Having dated a couple of girls in the past and experienced heartbreak due to frequent sour relationships, he made up his mind not to fall in love anytime soon.
But he was soon to change his mind when he met Stephanie, a customer of the bank where he worked as customer service personnel. His initial intention was not to date her but to be good friends with her because of her good nature. He helped her sort out her account issues and thereafter, they exchanged blackberry pins.

Being that the two of them were busy people, they hardly had time to chat for longer periods on week days but during weekends, they seemed to have a lot to say to each other. They talked about everything and anything and before they knew it, they began to enjoy each other’s company and always looked forward to talking to each other. In the course of time, the relationship progressed from mere chatting on BBM to telephone conversations.
This went on for about six months and Felix felt that this might be the girl he would walk down the aisle. He felt very comfortable with her and they seemed to be very compatible. And so Felix asked Stephanie out and after much ado, she finally agreed and they began a relationship. The bond between them didn’t seem to diminish but rather grew stronger. Due to the love Felix had for Stephanie, he didn’t have a problem with the fact that she never talked about her past despite the fact that he told her everything about himself and his past relationships.
They dated for about a year and a half, finally, Felix proposed to her. His reasoning was that all through the two years that he knew her, he had no reason to complain about anything he was also impressed with her family background. Her father was the zonal pastor in his church while her mum was a strong church member. Felix’s parents were impressed by his choice of wife.
As preparations were going on for the wedding, it was customary for them to visit members of their extended family to introduce themselves to them and inform them about the marriage.
Stephanie and Felix went to greet uncles and aunties within Lagos and even outside. They had been doing this for about three weeks and they seemed to have touched all the places they needed to go when Felix informed Stephanie that they would be going to visit one of his very special uncles in Abuja during the weekend. He said his uncle would be very angry with him if he didn’t bring her to him personally before the wedding, Stephanie agreed that they would travel to Abuja to see his uncle.
They travelled on a Friday to Abuja and went straight from the airport to Felix’s uncle’s house. But as soon as they entered the house and saw his uncle, Stephanie stood frozen on the spot, then ran out of the house. Felix was shocked. Later on, when he inquired from his uncle why this happened he simply said Felix could not marry her.
Felix tried all possible means to get in touch with Stephanie but she seemed to have disappeared into thin air. So, Felix went back to his uncle to find out why he said he couldn’t marry her.
Though his uncle was reluctant to speak, he finally opened up to say that he had dated Stephanie when she was in the university. According to him, he was more or less her sugar daddy when she was in her 100 level. Then, he used to go and pick her from the campus, take her out and buy things for her. He even rented and furnished an apartment for her. Courtesy of him, Stephanie became one of the big girls on campus. This went on till she got to her third year in the university. His uncle went on to say he had been hearing rumors that she was dating younger boys and other rich men on campus but she always denied it.
He said the last time he set his eyes on her was the day he found her coming out of a hotel with his very good friend who was apparently her latest catch. After that day, he said he had not gotten in touch with her because of her behaviour.
Stephanie later sent a message to Felix explaining her part of the story. According to her she never knew her past would catch up with her and that she turned a new leaf after she found out that all the men she was going out with were only using and dumping her.
She apologised to Felix for disappointing him but she could not go on with the marriage because of shame and guilt.
Felix was so devastated and vowed never to love again.

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