Saturday, October 5, 2013

Bomb scare at PDP National Secretariat

Activities at the national headquarters of the Peoples Democratic Party located at Wuse, zone 5, Abuja was paralysed on Friday over alleged threats of bomb attack by unknown persons.
Correspondent, who visited the secretariat, was told that some top  officials of the party rushed to leave the secretariat while some directors hurriedly asked their subordinates to leave.
Some of the workers, including the security officers hired to guard the secretariat, were seen discussing the matter in groups outside the premises.
It was gathered that some principal offices like the National Auditor and departmental directors hurriedly left the building when they were informed about the alleged plan to bomb the building.
Journalists were told by a security officer (name withheld), that a report was relayed to the party secretariat on Thursday night disclosing a “verified report about a plan to attack the secretariat”.
An unnamed director of the party was said to have received the report and informed  the necessary quarters within the leadership.
The information, which the party officials had wanted to keep secret, was however leaked to the members of staff, who it was gathered, discussed it among themselves.
Many of them were said to have also informed their colleagues about the report and this, it was gathered, caused panic inside the secretariat.
A senior officer of the party said, “The threat is real and we are all aware of the situation. In fact, some of us were told not to come to office on Friday.
“Some of our colleagues did not hear about it and so they came on Friday, but have to go back when they were informed about the matter.”
Meanwhile, security has been beefed up at the secretariat  while sand bags were being mounted at the main entrance to the Secretariat as at the Press time.

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