Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chris Brown and Drake are back to being buddies

Drake is apparently hanging in the studio with his now former nemesis Chris Brown. 

Chris Brown and Drake are back to being buddies. 

The pair, who allegedly brawled at a New York nightclub last year, have apparently put aside their differences and it seems they're making music together. The unusual development was revealed with a six-word post on Brown's Facebook page: “Hangin with Drake in the studio.” 
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If they were ladies though, the beef would have been forever! lol!! See more photos of the two fellas in the studio after the cut....

Drake and Chris Brown studio Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.59.36 PM
Over the past few years, Drake and Chris Brown have been throwing jabs at each other on records and in interviews, but it now looks as though this beef may be squashed. Last week, the two allegedly bumped into each other at the iHeart Music Festival and it was nothing but love as the fellas dapped it up. According to Page Six:
“Drake came on Friday with his whole crew, and watched Chris’ entire set,” a source said. “They were backstage hugging and drinking.”
Today, Chris seemed to extend an olive branch to Drake after he took to his Facebook and posted “Hanging with Drake In The Studio,” and included a link to video footage of all of the folks he has shared studio time with over the past few years including Brandy, Lupe Fiasco, Nelly, Will.I.Am, Big Sean and Drizzy. It’s no telling when the session with Drake took place, if the two worked on music together or if Drake just stopped by to get a preview of Chris’ upcoming records. What we do know is that Drake certified whatever he was listening to as a banger. “This is a big record, man!”
Hopefully, it was a collab!
Nice job fellas.
Drake and Chris Brown studio


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