Sunday, October 6, 2013

Chris Brown Says He Lost His Virginity at 8 Years Old, Says Rihanna Incident Was "Biggest Wake-Up Call"

Chris Brown has made a shocking revelation. The 24-year-old rapper told the UK Guardian that he lost his virginity at 8 years old.

"It's different in the country," the "Don't Wake Me Up" singer, raised in rural Virginia, chuckled during the revealing interview. "By that point, we were already kind of like hot to trot, you know what I'm saying? Like, girls, we weren't afraid to talk to them; I wasn't afraid. So, at eight, being able to do it, it kind of preps you for the long run, so you can be a beast at it. You can be the best at it."

Brown declined to comment on how many women he's slept with since, but did compare himself to Prince. "But you know how Prince had a lot of girls back in the day? Prince was, like, the guy. I'm just that, today," he explained. "But most women won't have any complaints if they've been with me. They can't really complain. It's all good.


During the interview, the young star also called his latest community service order a "bitch" and revealed that his physical altercation, or what he calls "the Rihanna incident" in 2009, was "the biggest wake-up call." (Brown was ordered to complete 1,000 more hours of community service in mid-August stemming from his hit-and-run accident in May). 

"I had to stop acting like a little teenager, a crazy, wild young guy," he said. "But at the same time, I learned from it, and it was almost like…I wouldn't say it happened for a reason, but it was something to trigger my mind to be more of a mature adult. To handle myself in situations, don't throw tantrums, don't be a baby about it."

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