Thursday, October 31, 2013

“I Never Knew I Would Win” -Says 9-Yr-Old Boy Who Is Nigeria’s Youngest Microsoft Specialist (PHOTO)

Nine year old Jomiloju Tunde-Adedipo may very well be the world’s  next Bill Gates. The Primary six student of Role Model School, Ikeja is the youngest on the continent to qualify for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate.
Adedipo scored 769 out of 1000, though the pass mark is 700.
In an interview Jomiloju, who aspires to be an Information Communication Technology (ICT) specialist, as well as a footballer said:  “I would like to create a laptop that has a detachable keypad so that it can also be used as a tablet. I think that every child should have, at least, one personal computer to develop their skills in the different packages. Computer education is a very important for today’s child because it has made education much more revolutionary.”

Speaking on his experience, Jomiloju, who succeeded in his second attempt to write the examinations, said that he was very scared when he first began, adding, “I was very surprised when I came back from the summer holidays and was told that I had passed.”
Mrs. Adetumbo Banjo, the head of Role Model School also spoke to Vanguard Learning. “Jomiloju is a boy that has always been interested in things that have to do with technology.”
She said: “Some years ago we thought the children were ready for more exposure, so we introduced them to the Microsoft exams.
“Before the Microsoft exams, we started accepting invitations to different competitions. The first time our students sat for the exams last year, they did not do well. But this year, to the glory of God, Jomiloju made it.”
Banjo also added that ICT is “relevant in all the subjects in the school curriculum. It is an advantage if a child knows how to use the computer or is at least interested in learning. A lot of times, when children get into the computer room, they are excited. It is a good thing for children to develop interest in it early enough.”
Speaking on what he would like to use his certificate for, Jomiloju tells our reporter:“I’m not looking forward to getting a job, because I don’t think I’m old enough to work. But I heard there’s only one other person in the world who is younger than I am with the certificate. I’d like to take mine and show him that he isn’t the only one who’s got it.”
Jomiloju’s mother, Mrs. Funmi Tunde-Oladipo, admonished parents to be watchful of what their children are tending towards. “It could be music, arts and crafts, ICT or another field entirely,” she said, “when we realized that he was tending towards computers, we started investing in that, and buying different computers for him from the age of three. He is much more computer literate than I am, and can operate some packages that I cannot. When he began computer studies in school, he found it really easy.”

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