Monday, October 28, 2013

[Photos] World's tallest man marries his bride

The World's tallest man Sultan Kosen poses with his fiancee Merve Dibo during their henna night, the ceremony held one day before the wedding
The world’s tallest man, 8ft 3in Sultan Kosen despaired of finding a soulmate who would prove a perfect fit. The gentle giant says it’s nothing short of a miracle that he has met his love match in Merve Dibo. And despite a height difference of 2ft 7in, Mr Kosen, 30, celebrated the biggest day of his life yesterday – tying the knot with his 20-year-old bride in his native Turkey. Wow! What a combo. The guy tall sha.  Ladies can you get married to such a tall guy? More pictures after the break ...

The couple dance the halay, a Turkish national dance. The Turkish farmer - who at eight ft three in, dwarfs his five feet 8 in fiance - is to marry Merve Dibo in a ceremony today
Kosen also holds the Guinness World Record for the size of his 27.5cm hands and feet, which are recorded 36.5 centimetres - a massive size 28
Kosen, 30, has long been searching for a woman to share his life with, and had reportedly given up hope - until he met Ms Dibo
Sultan suffers from a rare disorder called pituitary gigantism, which causes his body to continually produce the growth hormone

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