Monday, October 28, 2013

TRAGIC: Mr Latin's P.A Commits Suicide In America

A young man simply identified as Lanre who also happened to be an ex Personal Assistant of Nigerian actor, Mr. Latin, has committed suicide in the US.
According to reports, Lanre went on a visit to the US with Mr. Latin and decided to stay back in the country. It was also revealed that he then moved to Texas, where he was reportedly living the good life. He acquired some exotic cars and seemed comfortable.

Soon after this, friends revealed that he started behaving strangely and refused to talk to anyone.Some have alleged that he was under a "spiritual attack" and he could not be helped.
Lanre however ended his life, by jumping into a river. No one knew his identity until his ID card was found.
Lanre was Mr Latin's P.A for 8 years until last year when he stopped working for him.

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