Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dark Knight Rises: 'Batman, Son Of Superman' Jailed For Theft

This Singaporean was treated like a celebrity and even had his fan page on Facebook. However, the man with a superhero-sounding name has turned out to be quite the villain.
Batman bin Suparman, which means 'Batman, son of Suparman' in the Malay language, was jailed for nearly three years on Monday for various offences, including theft breaking and entering and drug offences.
The unemployed 32-year-old was arrested in August 2013, after security videos showed him sneaking into a store at night on two separate occasions. He is also accused of stealing his brother’s automated teller machine card to make withdrawals amounting to $650, and consuming heroin.
Batman, who was sentenced to a total of 33 months in jail, became a social media sensation after an image of his identity card was circulated online.
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