Friday, November 1, 2013

PHOTO, VIDEO: Why This Woman Decided To Display Her Breasts At Airport

United Kingdom - A 50-year-old woman took the request of a security guard at Manchester Airport too literally. When the guard at an airport security scanner asked her to remove her clothing before passing through, began to strip, only stopping when she had removed her bra.
Yesterday Lady Kelly Hadfield-Hyde, 50, appeared in court charged with causing a disturbance at the airport. But the outraged woman said she was only following the orders of the security guard.

Hadfield-Hyde and Ann Chadwick, 48, had been due to catch a flight to Malaga along with a friend who was travelling with a young child.
In the footage of them going through security, Hadfield-Hyde and Chadwick appeared to exchange conversation with airport security staff as they took off their coats and belts and placed them on trays.
A minute or so passes before both suddenly begin taking off their clothes, stripping down to their bras before Hadfield-Hyde removes hers.
Hadfield-Hyde told the court that security guard Abdullah Mayet had indicated that she should take off all her clothes before passing through the scanner.
She said: "He was pointing at me saying, 'Off'. I said to him, "Do you mean just my jacket?," but he was saying, 'Off, off, all off'."
photo - PHOTO, VIDEO: Why This Woman Decided To Display Her Breasts At Airport
The court heard that when more airport security staff arrived in an attempt to defuse the situation both women became abusive and swore at them.
Other staff were called to the scene, and after a few minutes the women were finally persuaded to put their clothes back on.
Both women were later arrested and charged with the public order offence of causing a disturbance. Hadfield-Hyde denied she was drunk. She accused Mr Mayet, who has worked at the airport for five years, of having a poor command of English.
But Mr Mayet said his instructions had been clear and he had never asked the women to strip completely.
She was given a conditional discharge for 12 months and ordered to pay £500 costs and a £15 victim surcharge. Magistrates found mother-of-two Hadfield-Hyde guilty and she was handed a £55 fine, ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge and £850 costs.
Speaking afterwards, Hadfield-Hyde said: "Okay. I took my top off and it was a bit over the top. But I did nothing wrong I just did what I was told."
photo - PHOTO, VIDEO: Why This Woman Decided To Display Her Breasts At Airport

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