Friday, November 8, 2013

True or Hoax: Man Sues Own Wife for Birthing Ugly Kids

Pictures of Jian Feng, the man who sued his wife for having an ugly baby and won, are floating around the web, but some have doubts if the story is true or a hoax. 
The story of a man who sues his wife for having an ugly baby — and wins — reached epic viral heights last fall, and while some recent reports are naming it a hoax, the case seems to still be getting a lot of attention.
So did Jian Feng really sue his wife for having an ugly baby and win $120,000? Here's what we know so far. In the original story, a Chinese man named Jian Feng allegedly divorced his wife after seeing that the female child she had borne was, in his eyes, extremely ugly.

Later, the same man reportedly sued his wife for having the supposedly extremely ugly baby girl. He initially accused his ugly baby–bearing wife of being unfaithful to him, making those his grounds for divorce.
His proof of infidelity was based on his claim that the ugly child could not have come out of the union between him and his wife.
Unfortunately for Jian Feng, however, when DNA tests were run, the man who was suing his wife for the ugly baby discovered the child was in fact his — ugly as it may be. Amid the testing, however, Jian Feng's wife allegedly came clean with an epic secret.
The beautiful face her husband had become so fond of was not actually her own. It seems the wife of Jian Feng had quite a bit of reconstructive surgery done in South Korea prior to meeting her husband — something to the tune of $100,000.
Outraged that she had deceived him, the man felt fully justified in suing his wife for birthing the ugly baby. A viral photo of the ugly baby made its rounds about the Internet as the ugly baby lawsuit continued.
It seems the courts agreed with the man, as reports this week state that the man did in fact sue his wife over the ugly baby and won. The wife was ordered to pay her husband $120,000 for her deception.
In the meantime, Jian Feng was reported saying, "I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues, our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me."
True or Hoax: Man Sues Own Wife for Birthing Ugly Kids
This picture of the "extremely ugly baby girl" went viral on social media as a man filed a lawsuit against his wife for having an ugly baby
Now, a new photo of the alleged Feng family, has surfaced showing three children who look drastically different from their parents has surfaced, but many around the web are beginning to believe this story just may be a bit fishy.
Upon doing a little investigation, it seems that the Huffington Post discovered a Chinese blog RocketNews24 had written about the same alleged photo a year ago.
But in that story, the photo was said to be an ad for a plastic surgery center in Taiwan. The caption over the photo read, "The only thing you need to be afraid of is how to explain it to your children."
True or Hoax: Man Sues Own Wife for Birthing Ugly Kids
This picture of Jian Feng's wife before and after her surgery was posted on Irish Times, making the man who sue his wife over an ugly baby tale seem more true
On the other hand, another new photo emerged which allegedly shows the wife before and after her surgery.
The photo was posted in the Irish Times and seems to give the "man sues wife for ugly baby" tale a bit more validity. Still, many are on the fence about whether or not it's actually true,

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